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A Progressive City and Thriving Community

Blue Ash, Ohio is located in Hamilton County, 12 miles northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio in the heart of the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area that has over 2 million residents. Blue Ash is often described as a suburban, corporate community accented with manicured office parks and secluded neighborhoods. While these attributes are correct, Blue Ash is much more.

In addition to being a progressive, thriving city, the people who live and regularly play in Blue Ash enjoy an authentic connection to each other in the true spirit of "community."­

Despite its small geographic size of 7 square miles, Blue Ash is frequently an end destination for international business travelers, concert-goers and college students. This unique balance of sophisticated corporate community and haven for leisure enjoyment and personal fulfillment is why Blue Ash is the ideal city for people to aspire, achieve and advance.

Blue Ash is a professionally managed, prosperous community that is home to a variety of organizations. Our city features office parks and innovative manufacturing as the heart of its business sector, with a balanced quality of life that many small cities in the region have tried to replicate. Unlike a lot of small cities throughout the U.S., Blue Ash has a clear legacy of success in place as a foundation to build upon.

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