Blue Ash is a top U.S. city for Corporate Headquarters

(October 10, 2022 - Blue Ash)

The City of Blue Ash has ranked at the top of another prestigious list!

Blue Ash is one of the top 15 U.S. cities primed to attract companies to set up their corporate headquarters, according to an analysis by The Boyd Company.

According to a recent Boyd Company presentation, the major drivers behind the selection of these new headquarters locations include:

  • States with superior corporate income tax climates for companies
  • States with superior personal income tax climates for C-suite executives and staffs
  • Locations with attractive lifestyle amenities
  • Locations with favorable operating cost structures
  • Locations with strong travel & hospitality support services for periodic corporate-wide staff meetings, team building sessions, employee training & enrichment engagements as well as client-servicing functions
  • Locations showing positive demographic and business attraction trends
  • Locations with attractive housing markets for C-suite executives

The study, which reflects post-pandemic, remote working corporate relocation trends, analyzed “all major geographically-variable cost factors critical to site selection.” That includes a region’s labor market, real estate markets, construction industry, utilities, taxes, and travel availability, according to a WRAL TechWire article.