What businesses need to know about the revised Ohio mask order

(November 13, 2020  - Blue Ash)

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has issued a revised statewide mask order that changes COVID-19 protocol for some businesses.

Here’s an excerpt of the new guidelines from the November 12 news release from the Governor’s Office and the Ohio Department of Health:

To protect frontline workers and customers, the Ohio Department of Health will reissue Ohio’s mask order and add the following provisions:

  • Each store will be required to post a sign outlining face-covering requirements at all public entrances to the store;
  • Each store will be responsible for ensuring that customers and employees are wearing masks; and
  • A new Retail Compliance Unit, comprised of agents led by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, will inspect to ensure compliance. A first violation will result in a written warning and a second violation will result in closure of the store for up to 24 hours.

 For the latest updates on COVID-19 in Ohio, visit coronavirus.ohio.gov.