HCDC offering sales growth help to local companies

(July 23, 2020 - Blue Ash) 

Does your company need help finding new sales opportunities?  Local Blue Ash companies Callibrity, Cerkl, Helium SEO, and InfoTrust did. These fast-growing companies wanted a helping hand that could identify new qualified sales leads for them to pursue. So, they worked with Hamilton County Development Company's Office of Innovation + Creativity to identify high priority sales opportunities. 

The best part: Each company received greater than $15k in growth market research services without spending a dime, according to HCDC.  A dedicated team of growth marketing experts provided answers to their companies' most pressing sales growth challenges. 

Rylan Peters, Callibrity COO said, "Callibrity was able to analyze and compare its current digital strategy to competitors and to explore some strategies that can be implemented moving forward to increase the likelihood of success in new markets." 

Now, HCDC is looking for more local companies that can use sales growth help. If your company wants to participate in the HCDC's Growth Market Research program, learn more at www.hcdc.com/oic and apply! 

They are accepting applications for this valuable, no-cost growth market research program through Tuesday, August 25. Don't miss a great opportunity to find new sales opportunities for your company!