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P2D Bioscience Expands in Blue Ash

After spending more than 20 years on the faculty of Princeton University and Rockefeller University, and as a tenured professor at the University of Cincinnati - College of Medicine, Dr. Frank Zemlan retired from the world of academia in 2005 to become an entrepreneur.  The same year, he founded P2D Bioscience, a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops drugs that fulfill unmet medical needs in the treatment of central nervous system and pulmonary disorders. 

P2D Bioscience - Dr. Prasad Gabbita, VP of Research (left) and Dr. Zemlan (right) at P2D Bioscience's new offices at 10101 Alliance RoadDr. Zemlan, who serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer, explained, "Our goal is to help people who don't respond to current medications for Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Alzheimer's, and Traumatic Brain Injury."

Thanks to P2D Bioscience, help may soon be on the way.  The company currently has five drug candidates in development for these conditions. P2D develops products rapidly by using its expertise in the clinical treatment of these disorders so there is an improved likelihood of clinical success. Partners are then identified to complete the clinical development and commercialization process.

P2D Bioscience was originally located in the University of Cincinnati's incubator, but moved to Blue Ash in 2011 when the company outgrew the facility.  Blue Ash was selected because of the quality and availability.

P2D Bioscience has  continued to grow and recently expanded in Blue Ash. According to Dr. Zemlan, the company decided to remain in Blue Ash due to future partnership opportunities with other bioscience firms and vendors that are clustered here. The expansion triples the company's space and includes a multi-room laboratory complex with attached office and conference space.  

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Photo: Dr. Prasad Gabbita, VP of Research (left) and Dr. Zemlan (right) at P2D Bioscience's new offices at 10101 Alliance Road.
Newsletter Issue: Fall 2013