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LendKey leases new office space and plans 
to continue expanding in Blue Ash 

Founded in 2009, LendKey is a New York City-based, privately held, venture capital backed firm that offers cloud-based technology to provide the essential infrastructure for any party to quickly, securely, efficiently, and profitably lend to anyone else. 

Raymond Dury, CIO of LendKeyBlue Ash resident Raymond Dury became LendKey's Chief Information Officer in 2010. He commuted to New York for the next couple of years, but by 2013, LendKey was running out of office space in New York. The company was growing rapidly and needed to come up with a solution.

Dury already had a solution in mind. He recommended that the company move part of its back-office functions, including servicing, accounting and technology, to Blue Ash.  Since office space is significantly less expensive than New York, the company agreed. Today, Dury is back in Blue Ash with a team of 22 employees, including six who transferred here from New York.

 "Blue Ash made good business sense for LendKey. In addition to being less expensive than adding more office space in New York, Blue Ash has a high quality and highly educated workforce so it's easy to find great employees in all categories," Dury said.  He added,  "Our employees who transferred here really enjoy the quality of life and do not miss the long commutes they used to have to the office.  I also like living and working here again and think there's a great relationship between the business and residential communities."

Demand for LendKey's services continues to grow. The company plans to continue to expand its presence in Blue Ash over the next few years and recently leased a larger office space at 4445 Lake Forest Drive which will be ready in March. 

Since the company was founded, LendKey has helped more than 275 lending institutions create compliant programs using its shared  infrastructure that has deployed over $550 million in capital to credit-worthy borrowers. Lendkey's platform is currently used for student loans, student loan refinancing, green home energy loans, and solar lending, and will be expanded to facilitate lending for any lender on any asset class.

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Photo:  Raymond Dury, CIO of LendKey.
Newsletter Issue:  Winter 2014