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Infintech Anticipating Growth After Reclocating to Blue Ash

Inside their newly renovated office space on Carver Woods Drive, Infintech leaders say 2017 will be a year of growth.

“We built it and now we need to fill it,” said Infintech CEO Ryan Rybold.

The payment processing company moved into the building at the end of 2016 and proudly shares the location with Divine Group. The sleek, modern space that now includes an upstairs lounge and outdoor grills shows no trace of its past as the Sycamore Senior Center.

“You can feel the excitement when they come to work in the morning,” said Infintech COO Tom DeBord.

DeBord and Rybold say the amenities at Summit Park and more potential development nearby made their decision to move to Blue Ash an easy one.

“Knowing in our backyard is an almost 100-acre development, it could potentially be a walkable space for our employees,” said Rybold.  

Blue Ash’s centralized location also prevented many of Infintech’s employees from having longer commutes after the relocation.

“We knew that Blue Ash was convenient enough for our employees. The proximity and access to Ronald Reagan was a big deal,” said DeBord.

They say the new location also gives the company more space, and they hope to soon hire another 20-25 employees. They believe their convenient, stylish location will help them recruit the best and brightest in the years to come.

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