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                     Leader in CNC machining of metals and plastics moves to Blue Ash 

When Bradley Meyers, Brian Collins, Scott Mason, and Andrew Schultz acquired Springfield, Ohio-based Forward Technologies Inc. (FTI) in April of this year, they decided to move the company to the Greater Cincinnati region. 

According to co-owner Brian Collins, the search for a Greater Cincinnati-based facility to house the operations was motivated by the fact that all of the owners live in the area.  However, as a precision manufacturer of difficult-to-produce machined components, FTI uses a significant amount of electricity. Finding an existing facility that met their electrical requirements was a challenge. 

"Forward Technologies new facility at 6150 Interstate Circle in Blue Ash.We found the ideal facility in Blue Ash.  The building met our electrical requirements and since Blue Ash is centrally located, it's convenient to serve our local and national customers and to work with area suppliers.  It also has easy access for national shipping companies," Collins stated.

The new owners purchased the facility in May, just one month after they acquired the business. The move was completed in August.

According to Collins, all of the company's employees, except one, made the move from Springfield to work at the new Blue Ash facility.  He credits this to FTI's culture of educating and investing in its employees.

"Richard Branson summed it up best when he said 'Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don't want to.'  We invest in our employees because they are critical to our success," he said. 

FTI was founded in 1998 and specializes in CNC machining of metals and plastics, from product manufacturing to assembly.  FTI serves companies in the aerospace, defense, environmental testing, metrological, electronic, industrial, medical, and energy industries, and was awarded ISO 2001 Certification in April.

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Photo: Forward Technologies' new facility at 6150 Insterstate Circle.
Newseltter Issue:  Fall 2014