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Mahendra Vora, Chairman of Ascendum/Vora Technologies"Ascendum and the Vora Innovation Center have been part of Blue Ash since 2008. Besides ambience, convenience and a great working partnership with City government, what we have enjoyed the most is the high-tech look-and-feel of Blue Ash, which is very critical to our success. Driving up and down Reed Hartman makes you feel like you are in Menlo Park, California. Going to restaurants and hearing the next generation’s conversations makes us part of a vibrant community so it’s easier to attract and retain clients and employees from outside the region. It’s great to be here and we’re enjoying the benefits of years of hard work by many in building this community."
 — Mahendra Vora, Chairman of Ascendum/Vora Technologies

Tom O'Brien"Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company, opened in Blue Ash in 1992 and we're now the second largest   employer in the community, drawing in part from the vast local talent base. The area offers a sound economy and qualilty of life which attracts high caliber potential employees for our company and provides a business-conducive environment for our associates who live and work in the area. Blue Ash has been a great headquarter location for our associates and customers around the world who work here or regularly visit our campus."

— Tom O'Brien, Vice President, Global Strategic Marketing and Branding, Ethicon Endo-Surgery (A Johnson & Johnson Company)


Tim Breen, CFO, itelligence"Blue Ash offers a great environment for our employees to work and clients to visit. Ease of access and professional location were our key criteria in selecting a site for our North American headquarters. With these in mind, Blue Ash was our top choice." 
 — Tim Breen, CFO, itelligence, Inc.