The annual Blue Ash Business Awards were held at the Cooper Creek Event Center on April 9, 2015. This year, there were 3 categories:

ASPIRE- businesses with extraordinary potential-- start-ups, small companies or companies with new products/services. Aerpio Therapeutics received the 2015 Aspire Award. 
City Manager David Waltz, Aerpio Therapeutics, Mayor Lee Czerwonka

ACHIEVE- established businesses that have demonstrated success through expansion, sales growth, product/service improvements, effective business practices, employee satisfaction, etc. MarketVision Research received the 2015 Achieve Award. 
Members from MarketVision Research with City Manager David Waltz and Mayor Lee Czerwonka

ADVANCE- businesses with a significant accomplishment that resulted in a major advance for their industry or the City of Blue Ash. Sedasys, a Division of Ethicon, was awarded the 2015 Advance Award. 

Sedasys Members with Blue Ash City Manager David Waltz and Mayor Lee Czerwonka